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In Peru, a department store's online ad stirs outrage, is pulled over 'racist' message

Image: A mattress commercial for the Saga Falabella department store has caused a controversy in Peru over its racial overtones Saga Falabella's short-lived ad is hardly the first time that Perus advertising and TV industries have used images and narratives that many here find flagrantly discriminatory. Latino Families of thousands missing from El Salvador's civil war pin hopes on new commission Just before soccer's World Cup this summer, a popular daytime show on America TV, one of Perus two most important networks, set off a storm of controversy when it invited a plastic surgeon to recommend procedures for members of the national soccer team. The doctor was particularly keen that several of the players, of Afro-Peruvian and Amerindian descent, have nose jobs. Meanwhile, Frecuencia Latina, the countrys other principal TV network, continues to air two characters that critics including the United Nations and Peruvian government have long regarded as profoundly racist. One online shopping sites for electronics is Negro Mama, a grotesque caricature of a black man, shopping online sites and the other is Paisana Jacinta, an indigenous woman or cholita, portrayed as out of her element in the capital city of Lima. Advertising in Peru and much of Latin America has long been viewed as particularly biased, often using not just white but blonde models to sell products to predominantly dark-skinned populations in a region riven by deep racial fault lines, with the political and economic elites being largely white while the majorities in most countries are of Amerindian and African ancestry. Latino Who owns cultural history? In 'Museo,' Gael Garca Bernal explores this thorny issue Approximately one in three Latin Americans around 150 million people are descended from African slaves, according to the Organization of American States. Its human rights arm says they suffer structural discrimination in everything from education to the job market. In Peru, the government has warned that 22 percent of black teenagers and 32 percent of black heads-of-households say they have been discriminated against. When you confront people about it, there is no sense of remorse," said Carrillo, who is now based in New York and has traveled extensively throughout Latin America.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/peru-store-s-ad-stirs-outrage-pulled-over-racist-message-n910856

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